Month: August 2014

Every girl has an inner Princess!

I admit I am one of those moms. It’s official. Yes, the one who feels so bad that her girls have an early January birthday (translation: post-Christmas, cold, snowy, sucky time for a birthday), that she agrees to throw them a half birthday party in the summer. So there it is…the 5 1/2 birthday party…Princess themed, of course! And in true mommy fashion, I completely overdid it. I’m writing this on Monday morning (the party was Saturday) – through bleary-eyes, wondering why I am so physically exhausted. But then it comes to me. I am exhausted because I wanted them to have the best Princess party ever, and went so crazy with it that even I was sitting eagerly with the “real” Princess Aurora to get my face painted!

I must say, though, I truly believe every girl has an inner Princess just waiting to come out, and by the looks of them, they all came out at this party! Sparkles and princess gowns were everywhere, and they sang, danced, laughed, limbo’d and twirled right along with Aurora – it was a sight to behold! I think I reverted back to being five myself, except that I got to drink Sangria, while all the pint-sized princesses had to settle for Shirley Temples!

There was Princess food, a Princess pinata, a Princess bounce-house, Princess face-painting and balloon animals, balloons galore and more! It was a day I hope and pray my girls remember forever. I know it’s a day I’ll remember forever for sure! There is nothing like the feeling of watching their sweet little faces light up with wonder or giggle uncontrollably at the Princess while she worked her magic throughout the room. Even the boys were enamored! It’s magical!

Yes…one of those mommies…who just loves them more than anything in the entire world! Enjoy some of the photos from this special day! And if you happen to be in the market for a Princess Aurora (or others), check out Urban Circus Events – they did not disappoint!