A promise to see them soon…

Well, yesterday was the super-duper final play date party with all the Littles’ friends and their families (I promise a post to come soon about that day), but today was the farewell lunch with Steve’s family, the Grants. We all met up in Kittery, Maine at Roberts Maine Grill, a fabulously quaint yet progressive eatery with that authentic Maine lighthouse feel and fantastic food, nestled right in the middle of the Kittery Outlet shopping. Check out their website here – it’s a GREAT place to go! Roberts Maine Grill


Steve’s parents were there, of course, along with his brother, Brad, sister-in-law Laurel, and their two “kids” – one headed off to Trinity College this Fall, and the other a Junior in high school. We had a very nice lunch…casual but with great food, and lots of fun conversation about all the changes and milestones being reached in the upcoming year, as well as some reminiscing from Steve and Brad’s childhood – always entertaining!


There were laughs, and there were tears, but easing the pain of our departure (at least we hope) was the presentation of already-booked airfare for Grammy and Grampy to Texas for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday week. And you know with everything going on, that will be here before you know it!

Have I mentioned moving is hard? It’s a big change – affecting not only those moving, but those who surround them…who love them…and will miss them. Our hope is that anyone affected knows that we cherish their presence in our life, and further that our doors and our arms will always be open to welcome them anytime they are in our area!

A fabulous weekend all around! God is good!

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