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The cat is out of the bag…yes, Littles, we are moving…

The cat is out of the bag. Which means, in short, that we’ve told the Littles we will be moving. That, in itself, was, let’s say, interesting. Colton went straight to tears, Lauren then immediately joined him – but I believe that was more about loyalty to her most admired and loved brother (they are so close) than it was about the move – and Taylor, in her usual optimistic and life-loving style, fist-pumped in the air while shouting “YES!”

After some discovery about why Colton was upset, we learned a few things. First, he will be missing his good buddy, Seamus – but we promised that we would appeal to Seamus’ mom about a possible future visit to the Big D! Second, I think he believed that we just “move” on to a new place, leaving everything behind, including his beloved LEGOs! But after a lengthy explanation of the process….moving company, packing everything up, loading¬†¬†everything in a truck, and driving to our new home, where we would unpack everything and all would be well, things seemed to calm down.

Bottom line…the LEGOs will be there, little man! I promise!

Once that was all settled and Big Brother was happy, Lauren seemed to get right on board with the whole thing; and Taylor, who has been bugging me for a guinea pig for weeks now, has settled comfortably on the promise that once we get settled in our new home, we will welcome a new pet named “Cinderella” or “Twinkle Toes” or whatever she decides on at the moment of acquisition.

A visit to Pottery Barn Kids has inspired the Littles’ imagination about what their “new” rooms will look like, which makes me both excited about pleasing them and fearful for what shopping demons I have created! Bunk beds, princess bedding, big-boy desks, night lights, and more…oh, my!

Remain excited, and grateful for the Littles’ confidence and self-assurance…we must be doing something right!


The Military Brat’s “Virgin” Move…

So anyone who knows me knows I have moved my entire life. Born in Maine, bounced around the US, then Europe (Azores, Spain, Germany), Korea, then back Stateside, the longest I had lived anywhere was 5 years. Then, I met and married an “airline” guy – and anyone who knows what that is like knows that moving is part of the deal. So…after meeting in Texas, there was a move to New York, then back to Texas, then after 9/11 back to the Northeast…this time Boston.

My point? I have moved…a lot…a whole lot! So much so that I can’t stand it when people ask where I am from, because there really is no good answer. Family from Ohio, but aside from a 6 month stint following college, I have never lived there.

So, having set that background, I’ll fill you in on the latest happenings in the Grant household. It won’t be a surprise. We are moving again. Only this time, it’s different. How, you might ask? Well, before, it was just me, as a kid, with my sisters and brother, and my parents doing all the work. I had no responsibility whatsoever. Then, as a grown up, it was my responsibility, but it was just hubby and me…embarking on a new adventure.

This time is different.

We have the Littles.

They were born here.

They know no other home.

There toys are here…their beds are here…this is their home. The only home they’ve ever known.

And this, my friends, is why this is different. This is why, it will be our “virgin” move. A move with kids.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey across the country…much more to come!