NO room for error!

So we are on official final countdown!


After all the anticipation, preparation, excitement, and so on, we’re now down to the wire! We leave – driving – next Saturday! T minus 10 days and counting! There are blessings in life, big and small, and while God has been busy with all of the bigger things in life, He has found a way to bless us with things falling in place just as we would have hoped but didn’t think was possible.

Our primary concern was the ability to have the Littles start school on the very first day – so they didn’t have to endure that weird, “class, let’s welcome Colton, Lauren and Taylor – they just moved from New Hampshire” moment – along with the broken routine that would have been established from that first day. Yes, I’m sure they would be fine if that had to be the case….it’s just not what we wanted.

We fully anticipated that we would have to be in temporary housing for at least a couple of months – with all of our belongings in storage – but thankfully, that didn’t happen. The sellers of our new home had the same desires about school for their Little one, so it was important for them to be able to close before school started as well. God is good!

It’s things like this that make us believe that things truly are meant to be, and that things come together in the right time – and that, my friends, is a blessing. Something not to be second-guessed or questioned. Just go with it – it feels right, looks right, is happening right…it’s right!

Having said that, we have NO room for error in our schedule! The Littles “last hurrah” with friends on Saturday, the movers come to pack on the 11th, load on the 13th, leave on the 14th – then we drive away on the 15th (after my hair appointment of course – have to get the last one in before we leave)!

Drive, drive, drive for 3 days…arrive TX on the 18th, close on our new home on the 19th, go to “meet-the-teacher night” on the 20th, take possession of the home on the 21st, movers unload the 21st – 23rd, and school starts on the 24th! New job on the 31st…

Is that a timeline, or what? Am I a crazy person?


Yes! This is me! For anyone reading this, please pray for a safe and uneventful trip down, with the timing working out as planned – there’s really no room for error!

And a special shout-out to the lovely family selling us their beautiful home – they are an incredible reminder of why we are moving to the great State of Texas – the kindness, generosity and hospitality  is unmatched! We can’t wait to meet them in person and establish a wonderful friendship!

In the meantime, learning to manage the heart palpitations and craziness of this adventure – in less than 3 weeks, we will be Texans again and the craziness will be behind us! Can’t wait!

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