The Unexpected Gift

I was given the most unexpected gift on Friday. I was fired. Yes, the proverbial, out-of-the-blue, pack up your box, kind of “let go.” Now, don’t get me wrong…I know it sounds crazy to call that a gift. At first, it was shocking and disappointing and strange. After all, I’ve never been fired before! (The reason cited, by the way, was “poor culture fit.”)

Sad businesswoman carrying belongings in box after loosing job

But I’ve had the weekend to process it and have come to the conclusion that this really is a gift. For years now I’ve wanted to move from a corporate office-bound 8-5 (or 7) kind of role to one that gives me full control over my destiny and life – one in which I choose my schedule – I choose my priorities – I choose who I want to work with – and I get to balance my work and my family on my own terms.

Yes, my friends…I am moving toward becoming an Independent Consultant!

It’s a liberating feeling to know your own worth – it’s taken me a long time (46 years) but I believe I am there! Am I anxious? Yes! Do I have questions? Yes! Is the prospect a bit scary? Yes!

But what I know is that I have 20 years of progressive HR leadership experience and a TON of contacts, colleagues and acquaintances that know me and have valued my contributions! And what I has even bolstered my resolve over the past two days are the wonderful friends and colleagues (and even new acquaintances) that have reached out to offer their help and support.

I firmly believe that God is in control and puts circumstances and people in your life in His timing and in His own plan. And God is good! I’m sure I’ll have some moments in which I wonder if this is the right path for me, but for now, I am accepting this gift of time to reinvent my professional life and enjoy some quality time with my precious Littles and incredibly supportive husband.

This profession has been good to me – and I’m looking forward to being able to share my experiences with companies that will value my advice. And that, my friends, is a gift. An unexpected one, but aren’t those the best kind?

**And…shameful plug…if you know of anyone who could use some help, please share! I’ll take great care of them – I promise! 

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