Month: June 2014

What to do when you have nothing to do? Simplify…

Wow…I can not even believe it, but…I have absolutely NOTHING planned for this weekend! When does that ever happen? Never! I am now in a quandary – what to do? Of course, in Living the Littles world, there is always activity – 3 young ones make that a simple fact. And then there’s the laundry, chores, grocery shopping…the normal stuff. But with no appointments, dinner or party plans, deadlines, I am feeling a little strange! Lost, even!

Why is it we feel the need to fill up our days with extracurricular activities? Have we completely evolved out of the need to just have a lazy, relaxing day? If we have, I think we all need to rethink what we’re doing before we run ourselves straight into the ground! I see it all the time, day after day. Parents running (or really driving) around, rushing from activity to activity, trying desperately to keep it all together while they manage school, kids’ activities, a career, a marriage, a household – honestly, it’s just too much!

For the past month or so, I have been in simplification mode. I have moved the Littles to a school much closer to the house to cut down on all the driving, I have purged dresser drawers and closets of the excesses of clothes they have grown out of, and even simplified some of our home decor to minimize the clutter. All that excess and drive can make you lose sight of what is simple and good in life, like the sheer act of snuggling quietly with a little one and having a long, personal chat, or feeling your shoulder muscles relax while you stop and breathe deeply for a few minutes, or having a quiet moment with God to say “thank you” for all His blessings in life.

So despite my brain’s running list of things I could get done this weekend, I think this once, I will dedicate one whole weekend day to simply soak in life – a little sun, a lot of fun with my precious Littles, a little food, a lot of family. Blessings. And no one else. Simple. Beautiful.


Foodie Frenzy!

As I sit here with my measley handful of almonds, in an attempt to trick my tastebuds into thinking they are having “real” food, I can’t help but indulge in a little “foodie following” from a couple of my favorite bloggers. Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to get to that perfect swimsuit and vacation shape and weight, the blogosphere and social media seem to blow up with amazing-looking, easy recipes for everyone to try? Or is it simply that they are always there, but just jump out a little more when I’m attempting to be ultra-disciplined?

Honestly, whether you want to drop a couple pounds, or a whole lot of weight, staying on track has become increasingly difficult if one is on social media as much as I am! Before all this constant communication, one could just try to fight through the hour of the Phantom Gourmet TV show (always perfectly time-slotted just before lunch), or just turn the TV off and go clean the house or something!

Oh, well…I guess the only saving grace is that in Living the Littles world, I don’t have a lot of time for cooking things that my Littles won’t eat anyway, so I just indulge in a little (hopefully) healthy snacking and a glass of red wine. Not nearly as good as something gooey and cheesy, but I’ll just feast my eyes instead and avoid the extra calories.

Here are a couple of my favorite bloggers on the foodie front:

Not only is she and her family adorable, she posts the most amazing looking goodies and simple meals! She also has great giveaways from time to time (I have yet to win one, but that won’t stop me from trying)!

Here is another:

Fresh ingredients, nothing crazy – stuff you can actually DO that look and taste incredible! Also some great copies of restaurant recipes from the likes of PF Changs and the Cheesecake Factory! Mmmmmmmm!

So feast your eyes with me, and post if you actually try some of these – my tastebuds would love to know which are your faves!


Gettin’ “bit” by the Fitbit!

I have a confession to make. Here it goes. Out loud and written down. I…do…not…like…to…exercise! Whew! There it is! It’s out! The horror! Especially in this world in which we tend to be hyper-focused on fitness and looking good, and of course, fitting into our incredibly fashionable new summer capris and tops that show just a little bit more when the weather is nice! But it’s true – when given the choice between lounging with a nice glass of Cabernet OR a sweaty trip to the gym, I’ll choose the Cab any day of the week/year/decade! Having said that, I do still need to fit into those capris, so any little bit of motivation helps. So the order has gone in for the hot pink (yes!) Fitbit Flex Band – the one that syncs with the iPhone AND the My Fitness Pal app AND also monitors sleep patterns. Sounds really cool, huh? Of course, the hot pink is on backorder, so I have a couple of weeks to lounge with my Cabernet before committing to 10,000 steps per day or whatever other torturous activity will be required to beat the day before – Salut! Motivating? Or another gimmick designed to remind me that I’m not doing enough? Join the conversation! fitbit

Stop the Clock! He’s nearly 7!

Any of you who are mommies (and daddies for that matter) can probably pinpoint that moment when you realize they were right! You know, all those people who, from the moment you announced you were expecting, told you to enjoy every minute, because “it goes by so fast!” I, for one, truly took that to heart from the beginning, focusing… Read more →