Stop the Clock! He’s nearly 7!

Colton-6Any of you who are mommies (and daddies for that matter) can probably pinpoint that moment when you realize they were right! You know, all those people who, from the moment you announced you were expecting, told you to enjoy every minute, because “it goes by so fast!” I, for one, truly took that to heart from the beginning, focusing every bit of my attention and free time to my precious Littles, often just staring in wonder at the amazing things they do at every age. I’m talking about those miraculous little grunts or squeals when they are tiny, to those first little smiles (even if only because they are gassy), to the rolling over or scooching across the floor, sitting up, first babbles, discovering fingers or toes, and the list goes on. And yet, despite my vigilant attention on every little detail, I find myself just this week, FLABBERGASTED that on Thursday, my Little Colton will be SEVEN years old! He is taller, skinnier (a little gangly even), and really just now starting to play rough like most boys like to play. He has that sweet and silly grin, with one tooth missing and one new one growing in, and the heart of an angel – the sweetest little boy I ever knew. I have a hard time findingĀ those moments in which I can just stare at him in awe because he’s moving too fast from morning ’till night. I still take photos of him while he’s sleeping – at least at those times, he still looks like a baby. So on we go, day by day, always wishing that time would slow down. But with the party planning, school year ending, and summer activity planning, there’s not a chance! We’ll celebrate his big day with a Batman-themed bounce house, lots of friends, and a visit from the REAL Batman (don’t tell anyone his real name is Nathan)! And when all the activity has died down, I will…I must…pause for reflection on the past 7 years and how much joy I have found in every second with my Little guy. Here are some photos along the way… Colton-BabyColton-1Colton-2Colton-3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAColton-5

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