Clearing the mind for inspiration…

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but it’s not for lack of time or desire – it’s honestly because lately I’ve just felt, well, uninspired! You know, that feeling of just being in a repetitive, boring old routine, day in and day out? Truthfully, I have nothing to complain about – I have an amazing family, incredible friends, a beautiful home, great career, good health, and so on. God is good!

But sometimes change is good too! Before we had the Littles, I used to enjoy home decor and home improvement. It was a great creative outlet for me, with inspiration for design coming from any number of places, and when a project was completed, the result was inspiring too! Everything about the process was fun – from the mental visualization of a room, to the shopping for the perfect decor, paint color, place setting, or curtain fabric – even the hard work involved in the actual “doing” was uplifting! And anyone who knows me well knows that once I start a project, I need it to be done quickly – so I would spend mornings ’till late nights working on it until there was something tangible to see. That was back when it seemed like I had all the time in the world!

My job/career is similar. The position I am in has reached a maturity after 12+ years such that finding inspiration can be difficult. Sure, it’s busy, but busy doesn’t necessarily equal “inspiring!” I am a problem-solver! A creative idea generator! Obviously, no one would wish real problems on themselves at work, but boy, when I can solve a problem and help people, that’s inspiring!

I do realize, that inspiration needs to come from within. So I need to find some inspiration myself – just me – workin’ my little ol’ brain and looking inside myself – and pulling something out that is not necessarily a big deal to most people, but that will make a big difference to me. Change is good! So am I telling myself I need to redecorate/remodel my house or find a new job? I don’t think so…BUT, ridding our house and my office of some of the clutter may clear my mind and make room for other inspiring changes to come!

Looks like weekend clutter cleanup is in order! Stay tuned! You never know what inspiration will come out of that!

What have YOU inspired lately?


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