The lost summer…for the grownups, that is!

Moving is stressful. Period. And everything always takes longer than you think. And it’s a roller coaster ride, with these emotional highs – whether they are really positive things or those things that just drive you crazy – followed by emotional lows OR pure relief when something you’ve been worrying about turns out to be not as bad as thought.

So while Steve and I are on one roller coaster track, loaded with timelines, deadlines, and obstacles, the Littles are on a completely different track – the FUN one! Swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, movies, ice cream, and more…what would be any kids’ summer dream! For Steve and I, it’s the “lost summer.”


We will forever remember this summer as the one that never happened – at least in the traditional sense – where you expect some time off, maybe a trip or two to the beach, some leisure time and more time as a family. Instead, our days are filled with work – transitioning new people into roles, trying to make sure there are no significant disruptions to what works – and our evenings are filled with mortgage paperwork, purging things we don’t want to move with us, online yard sales, inspection reports, school registrations, trip planning, and more.

I will not lie…it’s exhausting! And as much as I tell myself that I’ve moved a million times so therefore it should be like a walk in the park, my innards are letting me know that it’s simply not.

Unfortunately, part of this process involves self-defense to some degree too. Like when the inspection report lists a pretty big problem with the septic system – according to “Dan.” So let me walk you through what happens here. We see the report and the remediation recommendation request from the buyers – EXPENSIVE – and instantly become sick to our stomach. I have to think it’s like when you go to the doctor and they tell you something may be wrong but you can’t have the true results for a week. Right?

Emotional high – and not in a good way! So we then have to call in the 2nd opinion and wait for them to arrive in anxious anticipation. So they finally come, dig up several holes in the yard to “verify” or refute the claims of the inspector…and we wait, standing there, watching “Magilla” dig.

Three deep holes later, and none of the claims from “Dan the inspector” are verified. No standing water, no gray sand, nothing but clean sand, pipe and mat. Clean. Period.


And the relief sets in – translated means yes, I’m about to just fall asleep as I write this.

Meanwhile, the Littles are out at a park having a grand ol’  time – in what they could only describe as the “summer of the Littles!” I wouldn’t have that any other way – just wish we were more a part of it!

So tomorrow we tackle the response to the inspection report – moving forward…just another part of the lost summer.

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