My baby Colton…

Colton…what can I say? He is my first born, the love of my life! He was the sweetest little baby, calm, docile, and so incredibly cute! I spent every waking minute with him that I could, and rocked him to sleep every night. I really struggle to find the words to express what he means to me and how he makes me feel. It’s hard to imagine that this perfect little person came out of me…he is truly a gift every microsecond of every day.


Not to mention, he is just…handsome! I know I am his mommy, but I seriously could just stare at him all day long! He has this perfect, sweet, beautiful face and big, giant blue, sincere eyes that can melt anyone’s heart in half a second!

Since I am chronicling our move to Texas, I want to make sure I spotlight each one of our Littles and their reactions to this first really major change in their little lives.

So once we knew we were moving, we waited a bit to make sure everything was falling into place before telling the Littles. But once everything was all set, we decided to go ahead and sit down with them and let them know we were all headed South.

Colton’s immediate reaction was to start crying…honestly I think he thought we were just leaving – and not taking all of our “stuff” with us – so that meant his precious LEGOs would be left behind! Once we convinced him that everything would be packed up and coming with us, he seemed to be ok.

Since then, he seems to be taking it in stride, but I know my baby boy, and know deep down he is still trying to work it all out. He is his mother’s son – a thinker – emotional. You can tell it all in his eyes in his photos…they are deep and vulnerable.


And I can tell it’s working on him. He has been SUPER snuggly and clingy lately, which, of course, I love, but also means he is looking for that security he is used to. So I keep hugging him close, reassuring¬†him that everything is going to be ok…

He has been stuttering more lately – an issue we had about a year ago but went away – and I’m sure it’s just a stress reaction. He has always been the little one that doesn’t like surprises – likes to know exactly what to expect, how it will look/sound/be, and so I fully expect once we are there, all of this will settle down.

He remains the sweetest, most gentle, caring, loving young soul I’ve ever met, and I am so proud of him and who he is becoming. I look forward to being his stability, his rock, his MOM…forever! I will most certainly update his progress as we get settled in to our new life!

Stay tuned!

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